Foundations of Image Analysis

Recently, the classical notions of image processing or image analysis tends to be important "again" in today's computer vision research. A simple structure adjustment for CNNs is no longer considered as a good work. We all agree that those classical image algorithms will inspire us to do more interesting things by combining deep learning. It is no need to hesitate any more!

Color in Photography

Notions of color play an important role in Photography. It is not similar with VO notions which mainly talk about structure in a given image, but showing the quality of the image.

Enjoyable Continuations

终于找时间看了很早之前就计划到的内容,这次打算写一写和 Continuation 相关的东西,基本上是围绕 Friedman 的那一篇 Applications of Continuations Lecture 来的,也参考了一些 wiki 的内容。

Beautiful Y-combinator

上次在有关这个话题的文章里简单地玩了一下 Reader Monad 。这里就准备再写点东西,其中涉及到的许多内容可以认为是倾向于编程过程的,正经数学的那种形式可能不会涉及到多少吧。

Fourier with Linear Algebra

两个月前重温了奥本海姆先生的信号分析,所以这次打算从 Linear Algebra 角度入手再写一点点自己的想法。希望能对理解这个起到一点帮助。